CS4040 CS5030 CS4060 CS5070 CS1290 CS1490 CS1325 Laser Machine Feature

1. Laser Machine Model:
CS5030, CS4060, CS6090, CS1290, CS1490, CS1690, CS1325, CS1620
2. Laser Power:
40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 180W
3. Laser Machine Price:
From USD1900 to USD6600 for different model and configurations.
4. Standard Parts:
Water pump, Air pump, Exhaust fan, Lasercut5.3 software, Dongle, User Manual,Video and Tool Box.
5. Optional Parts:
Double Red Pointer, Rotary clamp, Up &down table, Water chiller and so on.
6. Mainly application:
Acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood, bamboo, marble, leather, cloth, double-color board, etc. Nonmetal materials 
7. Feature of Products

1.      This machine adopts the DSP data control technique, and incorporate design profile structure, which creates the durative, fast curve cutting function and optimize the shortest processing path function in the same field, so improves the working efficiency greatly.
2.      It adopts the International standard linear guide rail, which makes machine running more smoothly and accurately.
3.      High Security.1) Detailed warning and instruction lable complied with CE; 2) Most advancedDual limit switch protection on XYZ axis, preventing the bump of laser head. 3) High quality water flow sensor to inspect water circulation in laser tube, which can protect the laser tube.
4.      It adopts the most advanced focus method: Dual red light pointer, which makes laser focus much easy, accurate and more personalized, no need any focusing tools.
5.      It adopts up and down style by the step motor, which makes the motorized up and down working table steadier, smaller noise and faster speed and so on.
6.      Front & Rear entry for super-long plate to pass through.
7.      Waste collect device, easy to pick up samples and save raw materials.
8.      Separate control system box, separate laser power box, separate control panel, External spares plug and socket much sate for machine.
9.      High quality nuts, screws, rails, motor and spares. Better wiring and assembling. Stronger steel material thickness of machine body.
10.  Laser Machine software: 1) Lasercut5.3 with dongle and LCD Key Board ( Leetro Card) 2) Laser work software without dongle and LCD Key Board (RD CAM)
11.  Synchronous Belt transmission technology and semi-closed-loop structure, engraving with high precision and fast speed (engraving speed up to 800-1000mm/s)
12.  Motor: for standard, we use Stepper Motor making machine working fast and stable. We could also use optional Servo Motor according clients requirement. Servo Motor is much fast than stepper motor also with high precision.

What materials can be cut or engraved by a 40 to 150 watt laser?

What materials can be cut or engraved by a 40 to 150 watt laser? 
Everything other than Metals??.. Basically.. YES! The laser systems offered here are very well suited for marking and cutting materials such as the following: 
Natural materials: 
    Rock, brick, stone, marble, granite, glass, 
Organic Materials: 
    Wood, Leather, Plants, Fruit, Vegetables, Sea shells ...etc. (be carefull not to burn your skin or eyes) 
Man Made Polymers: 
    Acrylic, plexiglass, vinyl, styrofoam, styrene, ..etc. 
    Jeans, cotton, silk, nylon, dacron, ..etc. 
What should NOT be cut by the laser? 
While the laser can cut or engrave.. some materials should not be CUT. Vinyl and PVC will produce a corrosive gas. Plexi-glass / Polycarbonate will produce a black and yellow gass that will make your sick to your stomache. Cutting ABS yields a fair result, but leaves a bad smell that is hard to get out of your nose. 
What industries would benefit from the use of a laser engraver? 
Sign makers, party decorations, novelty makers, awards and trophies, applique embroidery, wooden toys, airplane models, model buildings, textile patterns, template makers, ..etc. 

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